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Basic Information
Location :
Morgue, Workyard
Role :

The ghost is one of the residents of your graveyard and will appear to you occasionally after sleeping. They are the ones who explain the corpse rating system and the system for exhuming bodies.

After you upgrade your church, you can meet him near it in the night.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Get rid of that guy![edit | edit source]

After your first night in your bed, Yorick appears and asks you to exhume the corpse in the lower right corner of the graveyard and toss it into the river. Claiming that they are a jerk and should be evicted from the graveyard.

Note: You can choose any corpse, as long as you throw it into the river.

After you dug up a corpse and threw it into the river, Gerry appears and scolds you for having done so. He tells you about where to burn corpses. This is better than throwing them into the river, as you get a
burial certificate
by burning it.

In the next night, the ghost appears again and teaches you something about how to improve your Graveyard Rating.

Later he shows up again and tells you he is now the concierge of new souls coming into the graveyard.

(Stranger Sins) After creating the barman dummy, Yorick poessies the dummy and works (For two silver coins every ) at the talking skull tavern serving food and drinks. {| class = wikitable !Itemone eye#12825 !Notes |- |
Exhumation permission
|Required to exhume corpses |}