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Ver. 1.037[edit | edit source]

-Added on 5 October 2018

Update Alert.png Alchemy ingredients dissappear[sic] fix.

Ver. 1.036[edit | edit source]

-Added on 4 October 2018

Update Alert.png Fixed "the empty tech tree" bug appeared to some users.

Ver. 1.035[edit | edit source]

-Added on 4 October 2018

Update Alert.png Fixed red lantern bug.
Update Alert.png Fixed ingredients dissappear[sic] during alchemy.
Update Alert.png Some other minor bugfixes...
PS: By the way, we're working on a massive content update that will be released before the Halloween ;)

Ver. 1.034[edit | edit source]

-Added on 21 September 2018

Update Alert.png Fixed bug when alchemy craft started at graves.
Update Alert.png Fixed bug when garden beds didn't remember fertilizers.
Update Alert.png Fixed some bugs in Spanish localization.

Ver. 1.033[edit | edit source]

-Added on 20 September 2018

Update Feature.png Full screen mode for Mac.
Update Alert.png Fixed merchant's quest when player gives him money for the garden.
Update Alert.png Fixed bug when donkey was dropping an "invisible" body.

Ver. 1.032[edit | edit source]

-Added on 17 September 2018

Update Alert.png Fixed Snake/Astrologer reputation deadlock.
Update Alert.png Fixed negative grave quality calculation bug.

Ver. 1.031[edit | edit source]

-Added on 9 September 2018

Update Alert.png Fixed Snake/Astrologer questline.
Update Alert.png Fixed an incense burner exploit.
Update Alert.png Language fixes.
Update Feature.png New localizations added: Italian, Polish.

Ver. 1.030[edit | edit source]

-Added on 28 August 2018

Update Alert.png A lot of language-related fixes (mostly in Chinese / Japanese / Korean).
Update Alert.png Fixed issue with a mouse scroll wheel in a full-screen mode.
Update Alert.png Fixed a bug when a graveyard quality suddenly increases.
Update Alert.png Fixed game-pad issues for some Linux machines.

Ver. 1.029[edit | edit source]

-Added on 27 August 2018

Update Feature.png New teleport points added -- the lighthouse and the quarry.
Update Alert.png Updated the gamepad plugin. Some controller-related issues should be fixed.
Update Alert.png Fixed game freeze when fishing without a rod.
Update Alert.png Fixed "Speed potion" - now it works correctly.
Update Alert.png Fixed game freeze when you buy everything from a vendor (could happen with an egg seller).
Update Alert.png Fixed game freeze when exiting the game.
Update Alert.png Some visual fixes related to grape growing.
Update Alert.png A lot of fixes in Chinese / Japanese / Korean.

Ver. 1.028[edit | edit source]

-Added on 23 August 2018

Update Alert.png Fixed player freeze while fishing with full inventory.
Update Alert.png Changed vendor buyout cap.
Update Alert.png Fixed different controller issues (embalment table, craft GUI).
Update Alert.png Fixed empty perk list when playing using the controller.
Update Alert.png "Prayer for prosperity" now drops "Blessing of commerce" which increases vendor's progress.
Update Alert.png Fixed a bug when some in-game GUI could be left opened in the main menu.

Ver. 1.027[edit | edit source]

Added on 22 August 2018

Update Alert.png Changed Donkey logics to be more clear for the player -- after the carrot quest, he comes every day except weekends (you can still control amount of bodies with carrots).
Update Alert.png Fixed Astrologer/key quest (also the missing key should be available for all who experienced this bug before).
Update Alert.png Fixed Mrs.Chain quest.
Update Alert.png Fixed wooden church shrine removing.
Update Alert.png Fixed jelly craft time.
Update Alert.png Removing something while it is crafting now gives you resources back.
Update Alert.png Restored the stone quarry for those who completely mined it.
Update Alert.png Several language fixes.
Update Alert.png Fixed sand/blue tech points abuse.

VER. 1.026[edit | edit source]

Added on 21 August 2018

Update Alert.png Garden beds now remember the last fertilizer as well as the last seed, so planting crops made easier.
Update Alert.png Instant removing of not-finished buildings (you can remove some stucked objects now).
Update Alert.png Sand gathering made much easier/faster.
Update Alert.png Removed blocking bushes in the garden.
Update Alert.png Bishop now buys prayers (you can sell some extras you have).
Update Alert.png Minor language/translation fixes.

Ver. 1.025[edit | edit source]

Added on 20 August 2018

Update Alert.png Fixed some issues in Eastern languages.
Update Alert.png Fixed un-removable church shrine (table) bug.
Update Alert.png Fixed some dialogs and scripts.
Update Alert.png Fixed a lot of minor bugs.

Ver. 1.024[edit | edit source]

Added on 18 August 2018

It is time to work on stability!
Update Alert.png Late game performance improved.
Update Alert.png Made saving game more safe, added a backup system.
Update Alert.png Improved stability of saving and RAM requirements during saving.
Update Alert.png Huge logs with lots of errors -- fixed.
Update Alert.png Cloud saves now exclude log files.
Update Alert.png Fixed a couple of performance issues.
Update Alert.png Tweaked a day length a little bit.
Update Alert.png Fixed some bugs in Chinese, added missing translation in Korean.

ver. 1.023[edit | edit source]

Added on 17 August 2018

Update Feature.png Fast traveling! You can buy a teleport stone from the Tavern Keeper.
Update Alert.png Made days much longer (9 minutes now).
Update Alert.png Tools efficiency increased.
Update Feature.png Ability to break old gravestones and fences to get resources.
Update Feature.png Ability to craft a bucket of blood.
Update Alert.png Fixed silver parts requirement.
Update Alert.png Fixed fish kebab cooking recipies.
Update Alert.png Increased iron ore drops and made stone infinite.
Update Alert.png Fixed some issues in Korean / Japanese / Chinese
Update Alert.png Isolated a bug in Turkish (a complete fix is coming later)
Update Alert.png Fixed techology orbs you can't pick up.

Ver. 1.022[edit | edit source]

Added on 16 August 2018

Hi guys! We're reading the reviews and trying to tune the game for the better experience. So, while one part of our team was working on the key-binding system, the other part was tweaking the balance.
Update Alert.png Made a lot of crafts shorter.
Update Alert.png Increased the energy from the tier II fuel.
Update Alert.png Lowered the requirements of some crafts.
Update Alert.png Lowered the requirements of some buildings.
Update Alert.png Applied some other balance changes for more smooth experience.

Ver. 1.021[edit | edit source]

Added on 16 August 2018

Update Feature.png Key Rebinding added
Update Alert.png Fixed Donkey not delivering bodies
Update Alert.png Fixed different dialog bugs
Update Alert.png Fixed game crashes at startup
Update Alert.png Fixed player stuck in the workyard
Update Alert.png Slightly modified game balance (lowered the requirement for several crafts)
Update Alert.png Hotfixed messed up tasks translations for Eastern languages.

Ver. 1.020[edit | edit source]

Added on 15 August 2018

Update Feature.png Full game official release.

Alpha[edit | edit source]

For older versions of the game before release, see Alpha versions.

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