Stone grave fence

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Stone grave fence
Stone grave fence item.png
General Information
Type :
Grave Fence
Stone cutter, Stone cutter II
Study Information
Study reward:
Blue Tech Point30

The stone grave fence is a grave fence which provides +2 Grave Decor when placed on a grave place after a corpse has been buried there.

For more information on the types of grave decors and their effects see the graveyard's location page.

Installing or uninstalling a grave decoration will take 5-10energy. Old (even damaged) fences can be recyled for some stone at the stone cutter.

Currently you cannot recycle Stone Fence on Xbox, but it does reward five Blue and one Red tech point when created.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Stone cutter
Item Produced Materials Required
Stone grave fence
A piece of stone
A piece of stone
Stone grave fence

Study[edit | edit source]

Study table
Tech Points Resources Required Energy Notes
Blue Tech Point30 3x

-energy5 Not decomposable