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Basic Information
Location :
Alchemy Lab, Cellar, Dungeon
Role :
Day :
first: every night
later: Envy

Snake is a cultist who spends his time in the tunnels below the graveyard. He hates village residents and talks about ending them. Horadric mentions him in the Royal Stamp quest. The rubble in the tunnels beneath your home will prevent you from reaching Snake until it is cleared. His real name is Seth.

You meet Snake by going into cellar for the first time. A cut scene plays, showing his efforts to get past the gate and access the dungeon. Before the gate is unlocked, you can meet him there every night, later only on Envy.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Town Pass[edit | edit source]

At 20 Happiness Snake will offer you a
Town pass
which can be used to get past the guards to the south of the village and access the town.

Royal Stamp[edit | edit source]

At 30 Happiness Snake will give you a
free of charge.

Restoration Tools[edit | edit source]

At 40 Happiness Snake will give you
Restoration tools
for the questline of the Astrologer.

Main Quest[edit | edit source]

At 60 Happiness Snake will help you to get the parts for the laser on the town.

Warning: Here comes a spoiler!

He tells you that:

The Bishop has the
Mirror of pride

The Inquisitor has the
Eternal burning coal

And the Merchant has the
Salty fork

Quests[edit | edit source]

Prove You Are the Graveyard Keeper[edit | edit source]

Snake does not believe you are the graveyard keeper, he has no interest in you and you annoy him. To get him to speak to you have to return to him with 5x

Bring the Key[edit | edit source]

Snake cannot access the dungeon. To get the
keepers key
, you must accept the Astrologer's quest to find the
Keepers journal
. By asking Snake about the unusable
keepers key
he will give you the
instructions for key
. By studying the
keepers key
with the instructions you get an
active key
that is given to Snake to unlock the dungeon and 10 Happiness.

Whether you have the Astrologer's quest active or not, giving Snake 5x
and receiving the
instructions for key
will then cause Snake to only show up on Envy instead of every night.

Break the Seal[edit | edit source]

After you hand him the
active key
, a cutscene plays where you die trying to get the
Keepers journal
, but just return to your bed. You discover that you are functionally immortal.

When you return to Snake, another cutscene plays where Snake requests 5x
Bloody nails
. Beyond level three of the dungeon Iron Maidens will begin to appear. They drop 2x
Bloody nails
after you kill them. Return to Snake for 10 Happiness.

Snake requests also a 1x
Bucket of blood
. On the fifth level of the dungeon there will always be a chest containing it, but can also be crafted at a church workbench. It is better not to craft it as there is no other use for the one from the dungeon. Return to Snake for 10 Happiness.

The Necklace[edit | edit source]

After you reached 30 Happiness with Snake, you can talk about Ms. Charm's
with him. He tells you, that the hunchback Koukol has it now. You'll earn another 10 Happiness from this conversation.

Bring the Necronomicon[edit | edit source]

After having been given the desired items and breaking the seal, Snake failed the summoning. He needs you to get the original summoning book, the
, from the Astrologer. In order to attain the Reputation required to do this, you will first need to get the
Restoration tools

Work on progressing other NPCs' quest-lines and check back with Snake each week, asking about the Restoration tools. Eventually he'll admit that he had them the whole time and give them to you. Now you can bring them to the Astrologer, restore the 2nd part of the
Keepers journal
, and ask about the Necronomicon.

Speak to the Astrologer and he'll say that he gave it to the Lighthouse Keeper. Speak to the Lighthouse Keeper and give him 5x
in exchange for the Necronomicon. Return to Snake for 10 Happiness.

Restoration Tools[edit | edit source]

After Snake asks you to bring him the
continue to progress other NPCs' quest-lines and check back with Snake each week, asking about the
Restoration tools
. Eventually he'll admit that he had them the whole time and give them to you. Now you can bring them to the Astrologer, restore the 2nd part of the
Keepers journal
, and ask about the Necronomicon.

Decorate the Dark Church[edit | edit source]

Reach 20 Fear by decorating the Sacrifice Zone. Return to Snake for 10 Happiness.

Bring the Damask sword[edit | edit source]

Bring snake a
Damask sword with gem
to continue ritual for 10 Happiness. He summons 4 of his followers and sacrifices you, to impress his followers by demonstrating, that he is the Master over life and death.

You then have to return to them, in order to finish the ritual.

This destroys the sword in the process.

Ambush[edit | edit source]

When you awake after sleeping, Snake stands by your bed and tells you that a vampire hunter is after him after boasting about controlling life and death. Bring a
Wooden plank
to Snake just south of the vineyard on Witch Hill. You'll earn 10 Happiness for the plank.

You and Snake waits a few days (time skips but the day will be the same) for the vampire hunter to pass through. He gets crushed by the boulder which can be mined away for the medallion to the deepest dungeon levels, 6x
a piece of stone
and a Corpse item.pngcorpse with 7 x Red Skull and 3 x White Skull (including two Dark organs).

The Golden Apple[edit | edit source]

When you ask Snake about the last task, he will bid you to get the
Golden apple
which is at the end of the last floor (level 15) of the dungeon. When you get it and give it to him he will ask if you would like to lick it. If you say yes you will get 100 Blue Tech Point. You can also buy it from Clotho for Gold Coin10 . You'll earn yourself another 10 Happiness by this.

The Dark Heart[edit | edit source]

After receiving the
Golden apple
Snake will remember the last ingredient of his ritual, a
Dark heart
. Bring him one, and he will leave to summon his followers. Gerry shows up and hints, that the results of the ritual will be hilarious and not at all what Snake expects.

He returns with his followers and proceeds to summon his father, who turns out to be none other than the Inquisitor himself! After being dramatically reunited, they both give you their treasured possessions. You receive Snake's
Endless notebook
and the Inquisitor's
Eternal burning coal
. (Steam achievement "A father and a son" unlocked)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Vampire Hunter bears similarity to Geralt of Rivia, the protagonist of the Witcher game series
  • There are hints that Snake is Inquisitor’s son - he was pulled out from burning house and was raised in a Orphanage and Inquisitor says that he never found his son body.