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NOTE: The encoding of the save game file seems to have changed. It is no longer possible to do a "simple" edit like this one.

It is recommended to SAVE BACKUPS before changing anything if you break your save file.

Save Location[edit | edit source]

On Windows, your save files are stored in your user's App Data folder: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\LocalLow\Lazy Bear Games\Graveyard Keeper\

On MacOS, your save files are stored in $home/Library/Application Support/unity.Lazy Bear Games.Graveyard Keeper

On Linux, your save files are stored in ~/.config/unity3d/Lazy Bear Games/Graveyard Keeper/

Save games do not automatically sync between platforms when using Steam (as of version 1.1.24). However, if you manually copy files between platforms, they seem to work.

Editor[edit | edit source]

I use EditPad Lite 7.

Go to Options.

Configure File Types and click on Unspecified file type and then Editor Options

and select Wrap long lines at the edge of EditPad's window

Editing saves[edit | edit source]

The saves are the .dat Files since the files are so big Notepad++ has problems opening the files so i use EditPad.
When you open the File you need to find this section

Which contains your Tech Points, Quest progress, Perks, Quality of Church and Graveyard and other Stuff.


Section of a Savefile[edit | edit source]

"g"Green Tech Symbol.png,
"r"Red Tech Symbol.png,
"cur_key_char","key_to_cellar","not_first_cellar_visit","everyday_cultist_come","graveyard_qual"Graveyard Rating Symbol.png,"church_qual"Church Rating Symbol.png,"confession_probability",
"_rel_npc_tavern owner","tired",
"b"Blue Tech Symbol.png,
"_res_v":[20.0,100.0,100.0,250.0,250.0,250.0,250.0,250.0,250.0,3.2994,0.0,0.0,0.0,0.0,0.0,1.0,1.0,0.0,0.0,1.0,0.0,1.0,0.0,0.0,1.0,0.0,1.0,0.0, 0.0,
2187.0Green Tech Symbol.png,
2088.0Red Tech Symbol.png,
2781.0Blue Tech Symbol.png,

if you type (:{"_res_type":)+[^}]+\} into the search bar and select Regex it should be the first one
everything after :{"_res_type": is the name of the number under "_res_v":
For Example "inventory_size" would be the first number after "_res_v": in this case 20.0

In this case lets say i want to change the number of the Green Tech PointsGreen Tech Symbol.png. To do this i would need to count everything that is in "",

"g"Green Tech Symbol.png,

until i get to the one i want to change. In This Case "g", for the Green Tech Points. which would be 30 now i would need to count the numbers after "_res_v": until i get to 30tens in this case 2187.0 which i could now change to wathever number i want.


2187.0Green Tech Symbol.png,

noteworthy parameters[edit | edit source]

Name Explantion Notes
"inventory_size", Size of your Inventory even works with numbers where you dont have a 5 or 0 at the end
"_money":9414.63 Your Money where .63Copper Coin, 14Silver Coin and everything over 99 Gold Coin
"church_qual", Your Cross RatingChurch Rating Symbol.png 5
"graveyard_qual", your Skull RatingGraveyard Rating Symbol.png 21

Tech Points[edit | edit source]

Name Explantion Notes
"b", Blue Tech PointsBlue Tech Symbol.png 25
"r", Red Tech PointsRed Tech Symbol.png 40
"g", Green Tech PointsGreen Tech Symbol.png 40

Perks[edit | edit source]

The Perks start with "p_
For Perks you need to change the Number to 1.0

Icon Name Save Name
Preacher Perk.png Preacher "p_preacher",
Curious Mind Perk.png Curious Mind "p_magnifier",
Cardinal Perk.png Cardinal "p_cardinal",
Farmer Perk.png Farmer "p_farmer"
Axeman Perk.png Axeman "p_axeman",
Blacksmith Perk.png Blacksmith "p_blacksmith",
Fireman Perk.png Fireman "p_fireman",
Big Guy Perk.png Big Guy "p_big_guy",
Miner Perk.png Miner "p_miner",
Carpenter Perk.png Carpenter "p_woodworker",
Mason Perk.png Mason "p_mason",
Journalist Perk.png Journalist "p_journalist",
Writer Perk.png Writer "p_writer",
Playwright Perk.png Playwright "p_good_writer"
Beefriend Perk.png Beefriend "p_beekeeper2",
Butcher Perk.png Butcher "p_butcher"
Master Gatherer Perk.png Master gatherer "p_collector"
Master Potter Perk.png Master potter "p_master_potter"
I p cultist.png Cultist "p_cultist"
Surgeon Perk.png Surgeon "p_doctor"
Scientist Perk.png Scientist "p_scientist"
Sword Master Perk.png Sword master "p_sword_master"
Wine Master Perk.png Wine master "p_wine_master"
Naturalist Perk.png Naturalist (goes to curious mind) "p_naturalist"
Jeweler Perk.png Jeweler "p_jeweler"
I p blabla.png ? "p_blabla"
Brewer Perk.png Brewer "p_brewer"
I p cook.png Cook "p_cook"
Natural Writer Perk.png Natural writer "p_natural_writer"
I p skinner.png Skinner "p_skinner"
I p wine master2.png Wine master II "p_wine_master2"
I p writer thief.png plagiarist "p_writer_thief"

NPC Relationship[edit | edit source]

Starts with "_rel_npc_
Number goes from 0.0 t0 100.0
If it was never over 0 it doesnt save it.

Icon Name Save Name
Blacksmith.png Blacksmith "_rel_npc_blacksmith",
Inquisitor.png Inquisitor "_rel_npc_inquisitor",
Horadric.png Horadric "_rel_npc_tavern owner",
Episcot.png Bishop "_rel_npc_bishop",
Royal Box "_rel_npc_royal_box",
Astrologer.png Astrologer "_rel_npc_astrologer",
Shepherd.png Shepherd "rel_npc_shepherd",
Cory.png Cory "_rel_npc_carpenter",
Dig.png Dig "_rel_npc_dig",
Farmersson.png Farmer's Son "_rel_npc_farmers son",
Mrs. Chain.png Mrs. Chain "_rel_npc_mrs chain",
Actor.png Actor "_rel_npc_actor",
Wood Cutter.png Wood Cutter "_rel_wood_cutter",
Tress.png Tress "_rel_npc_engineer",
Miller.png Miller "_rel_npc_miller",
Captain.png Captain "_rel_npc_captain",
Farmers Daughter.png Farmers Daughter "_rel_npc_farmers_daughter",
Potter.png Potter "_rel_npc_potter",
Merchant.png Merchant "_rel_npc_merchant",
Snake.png Cultist "_rel_npc_cultist",
Lighthouse Keeper NPC.png Lighthouse Keeper "_rel_npc_light_keeper",
Ms. Charm.png Actress "_rel_npc_actress",
Rosa.png Rosa "_rel_npc_shepherds_wife",
Farmer.png Farmer "_rel_npc_farmer",
Clotho.png Witch "_rel_npc_witch",

_rel_npc_tavern owner _rel_npc_bishop _rel_npc_astrologer _rel_npc_royal_box _rel_npc_shepherd _rel_npc_carpenter _rel_npc_dig _rel_npc_farmers son _rel_npc_mrs chain _rel_npc_actor _rel_wood_cutter _rel_npc_engineer _rel_npc_miller _rel_npc_captain _rel_npc_farmers_daughter _rel_npc_potter _rel_npc_merchant _rel_npc_inquisitor _rel_npc_cultist _rel_npc_light_keeper _rel_npc_actress _rel_npc_shepherds_wife _rel_npc_farmer _rel_npc_witch

Unlocked Crafts[edit | edit source]

best used before 0.676 or earlier, getting partially disabled
Omitted a lot of broken ones

  • Workyard
    • Jewelers Station "mf_wood_builddesk:p:mf_jewelry_place",
      • Silver jewelry details "jewelry_detail_silver",
      • Gold jewelry details "jewelry_detail_gold",
      • Damask sword with gem "sword_damask_gem",
    • (Workyard) Chest "mf_wood_builddesk:p:chest_place",
    • Stonecutter I "mf_wood_builddesk:p:mf_hammer_0_place",
      • Piece of marble (from slab) "marble_plate_1",
      • Polished piece of marble "marble_plate_2",
      • Carved piece of marble "marble_plate_3",
    • Stonecutter II "mf_wood_builddesk:p:mf_hammer_1_place",
      • Piece of marble (from slab) "marble_plate_1_2",
      • Polished piece of marble "marble_plate_2_2",
      • Carved piece of marble "marble_plate_3",
      • Marble Grave Fence "grave_bot_mrb_1",
      • Marble Cross "grave_top_mrb_cross_1",
      • Marble Grave Fence II "grave_bot_mrb_2",
      • Marble Cross II "grave_top_mrb_cross_2",
      • Marble Plinth "grave_top_stella_mrb_1",
      • Marble Sculpture "grave_top_sculpt_mrb_1",
      • Marble Sculpture II "grave_top_sculpt_mrb_2",
      • Marble Sacrofag "grave_top_sarcofag_mrb_1",
    • Workbench for wood II "mf_wood_builddesk:p:mf_workbench_2_place",
      • Carved wood "carved_wood",
      • Magic wood plank "wood_magic_1",
      • Steel sword "sword_steel",
      • Steel armor "armor_lamellar_2",
      • Steel sword with gem "sword_steel_gem",
    • Furnace II "mf_wood_builddesk:p:mf_furnace_1_place",
      • Silver ingot "ingot_silver",
      • Gold ingot "ingot_gold",
    • Furnace III "mf_wood_builddesk:p:mf_furnace_2_place",
      • Silver ingot "ingot_silver_2",
      • Gold ingot "ingot_gold_2",
  • Mortuary
    • Preparation place II "morgue_builddesk:p:mf_preparation_2_place",
    • Embalming table II "morgue_builddesk:p:mf_balsamation_2_place",
    • Double pallet "morgue_builddesk:p:corpse_bed_big_place",
    • Fridge pallet "morgue_builddesk:p:corpse_fridge_place",
  • Church
    • Confessional II "church_builddesk:p:church_budka_2_place",
    • Stone shrine "church_builddesk:p:church_table_2_place",
    • Candelabrum 3 "church_builddesk:p:candelabrum_3",
    • Incense burner II "church_builddesk:p:c_obj_incense_2_place",
    • Soft church bench "church_builddesk:p:church_bench_2",
  • Alchemy lab
    • Church workbench "alchemy_builddesk:p:table_book_constr_place"
      • Red candle "candle_6",
      • Incense II "incense_2",
      • Embalming fluid "embalm_2_0",
      • Embalming fluid "embalm_0_1",
      • Embalming fluid "embalm_50",
      • Embalming fluid "embalm_-1_1",
      • Embalming fluid "embalm_-2_2",
      • Embalming fluid "embalm_stop",
    • Distillation cube II "alchemy_builddesk:p:mf_distcube_2_cuprum_place",
  • Slightly broken stuff
    • Alchemy Tier I (alternate) "alchemy_builddesk:p:mf_alchemy_craft_02_place",
      Strange single slot variant
    • Wooden pray stand "graveyard_builddesk:p:pray_stand_wd_place",
    • Scarecrow "garden_builddesk:p:scarecrow",

Unlocked Phrases[edit | edit source]

"unlocked_phrases":[ Jumping over alpha blocks

  • Once you give the red fish fillet to the bishop:
    • "@bishop_6d",
      • Item called building_permission
        couldn't figure out how to unlock the mailbox to give you the option
  • Once you give the merchant the hiccup grass:
    • "@merchant_on_cure",
      • Item called taste_booster:salt to make taste_booster:alchemy_1_spice by Clotho's description.
        • Optionally at "black_list_of_phrases":[ "сlotho_need_help", to clear that talk option
        • Next item in line (that was briefly in 0.677) dinner:3 you need 5 of them
  • Once the merchant tells you to wait a week (which doesn't work):
    • "@merchant_traide_license","@merchant_strategy",
      • Item called merchant_traide_license
        there is more dialog but functionally is quite lacking as it is here
        • shortcut that should unlock "_params":{"_res_type":[ (the first from start of file)
          add new value "key_to_storage" (recommend end) ],"_res_v":[ add accompanied value 1.0 (opens storage\mortuary shortcut)

Community Fixes[edit | edit source]

Mostly problems caused by unlocking things in version 0.674
Find these strings and make sure they read like provided

Black space where workyard expansion is supposed to be:

The cursed west graveyard can't be build even when unlocked:

Missing stone polishing recipes:
Stonecutter II, polished stone with paste, carved fancy stone, polished stone with chisel, stone from stone block, polished stone with paste on SCII, polished stone with chisel on SCII

Missing printing press upgrade:

Writing desk II missing (but still bugged) paper glob: "pail_wet_paper_2",