Red wine

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Red wine
Red wine item.png
General Information
Type :
Food; Beverage
Stack size:
Base Cost :
Copper Coin92
Base Sell Price :
Copper Coin67
Consumable Information
Effects :
+Health30, +energy60/+energy72/+energy84
Wine making barrel
Quest Related NPCs
Inquisitor, Gerry, Vagner

Red wine is a consumable product, able to restore a relatively moderate amount of health and a large amount of energy. It's crafted by combining 2x pail of grape juice of varying qualities at the wine making barrel. The silver-quality wine specifically is required to complete a number of quests, including a primary quest-line involving the Inquisitor.

Quality levels[edit | edit source]

Copper Silver Gold

Copper Quality Star.png

Silver Quality Star.png

Gold Quality Star.png
Silver Coin1 Copper Coin50 Silver Coin2 Silver Coin2 Copper Coin50
+Health30 +energy60 +Health30 +energy72 +Health30 +energy84
Wine Master Perk+energy25 Wine Master Perk+energy30 Wine Master Perk+energy30

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Wine making barrel
Item Produced Materials Required
20xQuality animation.gif
Red wine
2xQuality animation.gif
Pail of grape juice

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Alcohol distiller
Item Produced Materials Required
3xQuality animation.gif
Red wine


Trading[edit | edit source]

With the DLC Stranger Sins, red wine - as with most beverages - may be sold regularly, either passively by being stored in the Talking Skulls cellar, or actively by being stored in the Barmans inventory and triggering an event.

NPC Quality Buy Tier Base Cost Qty Sell Tier Base Price Consumption
Horadric.pngHoradric Copper Star.png II Silver Coin1 Copper Coin50 6x II Silver Coin1 Copper Coin4 2x per day
(if >20x)
Silver Star.png II Silver Coin2 6x II Silver Coin1 Copper Coin39 2x per day
(if >20x)
Merchant.pngMerchant Gold Star.png III N/A 4x III Silver Coin1 Copper Coin68 6x per week