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Perks are permanent character enhancements that improve character skills and unlock abilities.

Icon Name Description Source Notes
Preacher Perk.png Preacher Episcop told you that now you can arrange a church service. So there you go! Main Quest with Episcop Can access the Church allowing you to hold sermons and access the Alchemy Laboratory.
Curious Mind Perk.png Curious Mind You go deeper. Find out the essence of things. Studying an item has a chance of giving you a story. Technology: Research Stories will occasionally drop after studying something in the Study Table.
Cardinal Perk.png Cardinal The church is not only a triumph of the spirit. It's also a number of buildings and properties. You've learned how to manage them, so ceremonies give you extra money. Technology: Price of Faith More money from sermons.
Farmer Perk.png Farmer You aren't afraid of getting your hands dirty. You can select good seeds and harvest a better crop. Technology: Gardening Higher quality harvests from the Gardens and Vineyard.
Axeman Perk.png Axeman You know how to use an axe. Chopping a small tree can now give you an additional log. Also you can make more firewood and wedges from log chunks. Technology: Woodcutter Additional logs from small trees and additional firewood and wedges when splitting billets at the Chopping Place.
Blacksmith Perk.png Blacksmith You like to work with red-hot iron. Hammering relaxes you. And when the work is done, you always manage to find time to make extra nails. Technology: Inborn Blacksmith Each time you craft something on the Anvil there's a chance to get additional nails.
Fireman Perk.png Fireman The spurting flame charms you. You know how to increase productivity, and you can smelt more ore per load. Technology: Rules of Burning Unlocks more productive Furnace recipes.
Big Guy Perk.png Big Guy It appears that if you work with iron a lot, you become big and strong. +1 damage +1 defense. Technology: Martial Skills +1 to your weapon damage. +1 base defense.
Miner Perk.png Miner You are a true miner. You find precious metals and gems more often but it's still a matter of luck and energy. Technology:

Scent of Gold

Find rare resources more often when mining.
Carpenter Perk.png Carpenter You know how to deal with wood! Circular Saws are more productive in your hands. Technology: Tricks of the Trade Circular Saws produce extra products.
Mason Perk.png Mason Stones are your passion, so your stone carving is really good. Also your so efficient you get and extra piece of stone from a big rock. Technology: Tricks of the Trade Extra Piece of Stone when breaking large rocks at the Stone Cutter.
Journalist Perk.png Journalist You notice the little things about people. Put these things together and you have a story. Sometimes you can get a story from dialog. Technology: Journalist Chance to produce a story from NPC interactions.
Writer Perk.png Writer You know how to put words together. Sometimes you even manage to write a good sentence. Mother would be proud that your texts are better now. Technology: Writing Tricks Quality increase when writing stories.
Playwright Perk.png Playwright You write good books. Actually you find you can just write down anything you remember from modern culture. Technology: Playwright Quality increase when writing books.
Beefriend Perk.png Beefriend You've been bitten so many times that bees can't even damage you any more. So you have plenty of time to collect honey from the beehive. Technology: Beefriend Bees no longer hurt you when harvesting honey.
I p collector.png Collector You love nature and nature loves you back. You can gather more resources from small plants. Technology: Master Gathering Gather two flowers and mushrooms per harvest instead of one.
I p engineer 1.png Engineer You know how complex mechanisms work. All the details of your work are top quality. Even your carving and jewelry look cleaner. Technology: Engineer
I p cultist.png Cultist Not Obtainable Unknown.
I p master potter 1.png Master Potter Not Obtainable Unknown.
I p wine master.png Wine Master Not Obtainable Unknown.
I p wine master2.png Wine Master II Not Obtainable Unknown.
I p jeweler.png Jewler Not Obtainable Unknown.
I p skinner.png Skinner Not Obtainable Unknown.
I p scientist.png Scientist Not Obtainable Unknown.
I p doctor.png Doctor Not Obtainable Unknown.
I p natural writer.png Natural Writer Not Obtainable Unknown.
I p butcher.png Butcher Not Obtainable Unknown.
I p writer thief.png Writer Thief Not Obtainable Unknown.
I p brewer.png Brewer Not Obtainable Unknown.
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