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Slimes[edit | edit source]

Image HP (Approximate) Damage Locations Drops
Mob Slime.png 6 Slashes from Rusty Sword


10 The Village, Riverbed, Swamp, Dungeon(Floors 1-5) Slime
Behavior Strategy Notes
Slimes bounce toward player and lunge in short range. Easy to defeat when not cornered and only foes are slimes.

Slash once or twice and back up, be careful if they are not all on the same recovery pattern.

Quest obtained from Blacksmith Can kill player quickly when cornered as damage is rapid in direct contact.

Bat[edit | edit source]

Image Name HP (Approximate) Damage Locations Drops
Mob Bat.png Bat 4 Slashes from Rusty Sword


5 Swamp, Dungeon (Floors 1-5) Bat wing
Behavior Strategy Notes
Floats toward player. Swoops in large range and has long recovery. Continually attacks the player in short range when not recovering from swoop. Low damage and long recovery.

If less than 3 bats are on same recovery pattern, slash once and back up.

If more than 3 flee until there are less.

Iron Maiden[edit | edit source]

Image Name HP (Approximate) Damage Locations Drops
Mob Iron Maiden.png Iron Maiden 9 Slashes from Rusty Sword


25 Dungeon (Floors 3-5) Bloody Nails x2
Behavior Strategy Notes
Runs at player.

Dashes and slices at player in short range.

Dashes back rapidly when slashing. otherwise has a long recovery

Increases speed randomly.

Do this if they are the only foe and less than two come from the same direction and are on the same recovery pattern. Immediately after dodging slash (requires constant movement in any direction directly away) turn and deal 2 Slashes then immediately dodge again.

If 3 or greater (particularly bats) flee or fight them until there are less.

Objective of (quest) obtained from Cultist.

Larger than other monsters and the player prevents them fitting through some gaps that you can.

Unimplemented Monsters[edit | edit source]

Name HP (Approximate) Damage Locations Drops Behaviour Strategy Notes
Golgothan ? ? Dungeon ? ? ?
Golgothan Hand ? ? Dungeon ? ? ?
Golgothan Mini 40 ? Dungeon ? ? ?
Spider 35 13/3 ? ? Spits ? Melee Range Damage
Lightning Ball 40 ? ? ? ? ?
Ghost 25 ? ? ? ? ?

Notes: Monsters are capable of pushing each other making it easy to kill 2 Revenants at once but makes the combination of Bats and Revenants particularly deadly.

Your attacks can hit pass objects.

It is possible for monsters to push items out of the map.

Due to a bug when moving directly towards a monster that is dashing such as a swooping bat or lunging slime the monster can be pushed rapidly away from the player after dealing damage.

Iron Armour provides an armor value of 2 which directly reduces the damage you take from all sources by 2, this is especially potent against bats making if possible to tank their short range.

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