Miss Chain

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Miss Chain
Mrs. Chain.png
Basic Information
Location :
The Dead Horse
Role :
Horadric's wife

Miss Chain is Horadric's wife, the innkeeper of The Dead Horse.

She is one of three NPCs (the other two being Horadric and Vagner) present at the tavern on all of the six days irrespective of day/night.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Visit Clotho[edit | edit source]

After you brought back Ms. Charm the bad news about her
, she wants Miss Chain's
. In order to get it from her, you have to deliver a
Basket of food
to her sister Clotho, and bring back 12x
as ingredients for creating more
. For this you'll recieve a total of 20 Happiness and you can get the
from her.

Trades[edit | edit source]

Selling[edit | edit source]

She sells four cookery technology recipes.

Item Tech Quantity Base Cost

Recipe fish delicacies
Recipe: Fish delicacies 1 Silver Coin8 Copper Coin30

Recipe tasty and healthy
Recipe: Tasty and healthy 1 Silver Coin5 Copper Coin40

Recipe sweet baking
Recipe: Sweet baking 1 Silver Coin2

Recipe pies
Recipe: Pies 1 Silver Coin1