Marble quarry

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Marble quarry
Marble quarry 1.png
Basic information
Required Technology :
Marble quarrying
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It can be built from the beginning (bug ?). It is in the quarry region and near the cabin in the woods

Build[edit | edit source]

Before you can use the quarry, you first have to build it. The site looks like this:

Site before building the quarry

After you build the quarry, you can manually mine marble blocks. The quarry now looks like this:

Site after building the quarry

After you unlock zombies, you may build a zombie marble quarry on the workbench near the cabin in the woods and have your minions work there. This is how it looks, when both zombie quarries are built but only the left one is working:

One zombie working in the marble quarry

Recipes[edit | edit source]

Item Materials Required Energy Notes
Marble quarry item.png 12x

Simple iron parts

-energy30 This must be built prior to usage.
Yields Red Tech Point10 and Green Tech Point10.
2xMarble block item.pngMarble block 4x
Wood wedge
-energy15 Need at least a
Rusty pickaxe
or better ones.
Zombie marble quarry item.png 8x


Pickaxe I
This blueprint is available in two variations: left and right