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World Map[edit | edit source]

The Map has not been implemented yet. The full version will have a stylized map.


Locations[edit | edit source]

Location List (WIP)

Location NPCs Workstations/ Important Objects Notes
Sweet Home N/A Cooking Station, Oven, Hatch to Cellar, Bed, Chest Home, where you can sleep to regain Energy and health, Has Hatch to Cellar
Old Graveyard Episcop, Royal Services Blueprint Desk, Trunk Your (after?)life revolves around this, spend some time here

Episcop appears here on Pride

Morgue Gerry Autopsy Table, Mortuary Desk, Corpse Slot South of Cellar and Unnamed Room, West of (unknown room), Southwest of Alchemy Lab

It is possible to connect all these rooms by removing blockages

Church N/A Pulpit, Donation Box, Blueprint Desk In the Graveyard. Unlocked reaching +5 Icon wreath green.png and talking to Episcop
Alchemy Lab N/A Study Table, Blueprint Desk Under the Church, Unlocked after your first Sermon
Cellar N/A Blueprint Desk Remove blockage to access unnamed room
Workyard N/A Blueprint Desk, Trunk, Well, Timber Stockpile, Stone Stockpile
Garden N/A Blueprint Desk South of Workyard
Kitchen Garden N/A Blueprint Desk Unlockable with Garden Deed, South of Riverbed
Riverbed N/A Dam Dam may be removable, Iron and Slimes are here. Bats appear at the first half of the night.

Northeast of Sweet Home and Workyard

Vineyard N/A Blueprint Desk Northeast of Sweet Home and Workyard

Blockage can be removed in Riverbed to access quickly

Witch Hill Inquisitor Pyre for burning Witches Northeast of Sweet Home, Vineyard

Inquisitor is here on Wrath

Wheat Farm Farmer, Farmer's Son None East of Sweet Home along the Main Road
The Village Blacksmith, Merchant, Tress, Dig, Cory, Potter, Guards The Dead Horse, Well Location of Most NPCs, and Vendors

East of Sweet Home and Wheat Farm

Merchant appears on Gluttony

Actress appears on Lust

The Dead Horse Horadric, Mrs. Chain, Actor, Actress, Captain Center of The Village
Sealight Lighthouse Lighthouse Keeper East of The Village

Astrologer appears on Sloth

Beach N/A North of Sealight
Camp (unknown person) North of Beach

Unknown Person locked in Alpha Version

Warcamp Guard North of Camp

Locked in Alpha Version

Forest N/A North of The Village
Dungeon N/A Unlocked by progressing the Astrologer and Cultist's quests.
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