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A list of Items by category:

Farming[edit | edit source]

Crops[edit | edit source]

Beet item.png Beet Cabbage item.png Cabbage Carrot item.png Carrot
Grapes item.png Grapes Hemp item.png Hemp Hops item.png Hops
Lentils item.png Lentils Onion item.png Onion Pumpkin item.png Pumpkin
Wheat item.png Wheat

Seeds[edit | edit source]

Beet seed item.png Beet seed Cabbage seed item.png Cabbage seed Carrot seed item.png Carrot seed
Grape seed item.png Grape seed Hemp seed item.png Hemp seed Hops seed item.png Hops seed
Lentil seed item.png Lentil seed Onion seed item.png Onion seed Pumpkin seed item.png Pumpkin seed
Wheat seed item.png Wheat seed

Fertilizer[edit | edit source]

Peat item.png Peat Boost fertilizer i item.png Boost fertilizer I Boost fertilizer ii item.png Boost fertilizer II
Quality fertilizer i item.png Quality fertilizer I Quality fertilizer ii item.png Quality fertilizer II Crop waste item.png Crop waste

Sapling[edit | edit source]

Bush berry seedling item.png Bush berry seedling Tree apple seedling item.png Tree apple seedling

Wood[edit | edit source]

Carved wood item.png Carved wood Firewood item.png Firewood Flitch item.png Flitch
Wood billet item.png Wood billet Wood chips item.png Wood chips Wood repair kit item.png Wood repair kit
Wooden beam item.png Wooden beam Wooden construction item.png Wooden construction Wooden plank item.png Wooden plank
Wooden stick item.png Wooden stick Wooden wedge item.png Wooden wedge

Stone[edit | edit source]

A carved piece of marble item.png A carved piece of marble A carved piece of stone item.png A carved piece of stone A piece of marble item.png A piece of marble
A piece of stone item.png A piece of stone A polished brick of marble item.png A polished brick of marble A polished brick of stone item.png A polished brick of stone
Marble bust item.png Marble bust Marble repair kit item.png Marble repair kit One handed marble item.png One handed marble
One handed stone item.png One handed stone Stone repair kit item.png Stone repair kit

Metals[edit | edit source]

Smithing[edit | edit source]

Cauldron item.png Cauldron Complex iron parts item.png Complex iron parts Iron ingot item.png Iron ingot
Iron wedges item.png Iron wedges Nails item.png Nails Simple iron parts item.png Simple iron parts
Steel ingot item.png Steel ingot Steel parts item.png Steel parts

Jewelry[edit | edit source]

Gold diamond ring item.png Gold diamond ring Gold emerald ring item.png Gold emerald ring Gold ingot item.png Gold ingot
Gold jewelry details item.png Gold jewelry details Silver diamond ring item.png Silver diamond ring Silver emerald ring item.png Silver emerald ring
Silver ingot item.png Silver ingot Silver jewelry details item.png Silver jewelry details

Glass[edit | edit source]

Glass item.png Glass Glass cones item.png Glass cones Complex glass cones item.png Complex glass cones
Lens item.png Lens

Quest[edit | edit source]

Active key item.png Active key Coins item.png Coins Flyer item.png Flyer
Garden certificate item.png Garden certificate Instructions for key item.png Instructions for key Keepers journal item.png Keepers journal
Keepers key item.png Keepers key Stamp item.png Stamp Town pass item.png Town pass
Bucket of blood item.png Bucket of blood Cauldron item.png Cauldron

Food[edit | edit source]

Resources[edit | edit source]

Berry juice item.png Berry juice Butter item.png Butter Cheese item.png Cheese
Dough item.png Dough Chicken egg item.png Egg Flour item.png Flour
Jug of milk item.png Jug of milk Nori item.png Nori Package of meat item.png Package of meat
Pastry dough item.png Pastry dough Raw sliced meat item.png Raw sliced meat Blue fish fillet item.png Blue fish fillet
Red fish fillet item.png Red fish fillet White fish fillet item.png White fish fillet

Snacks[edit | edit source]

A bowl of sauerkraut item.png A bowl of sauerkraut Baked apple item.png Baked apple Baked mushrooms item.png Baked mushrooms
Bread item.png Bread Fried egg item.png Fried egg Onion rings item.png Onion rings
Pancakes item.png Pancakes Sandwich item.png Sandwich Toasts with onions item.png Toasts with onions

Meals[edit | edit source]

A bowl of lentils item.png A bowl of lentils A bowl of pumpkin soup item.png A bowl of pumpkin soup Baked fish item.png Baked fish
Baked kebab item.png Baked kebab Baked meat item.png Baked meat Baked pumpkin item.png Baked pumpkin
Baked salmon item.png Baked salmon Burger item.png Burger Cabbage soup item.png Cabbage soup
Carrot cutlet item.png Carrot cutlet Fish nuggets item.png Fish nuggets Fish soup item.png Fish soup
Lasagna item.png Lasagne Mussels item.png Mussels Omlette item.png Omlette
Pasta item.png Pasta Pumpkin soup item.png Pumpkin soup Sushi item.png Sushi
Vegetable soup item.png Vegetable soup

Desserts[edit | edit source]

Berry pie item.png Berry pie Cake item.png Cake Croissant item.png Croissant
Grape pie item.png Grape pie Green jelly (food) item.png Green jelly (food) Muffin item.png Muffin
Red jelly item.png Red jelly

Drinks[edit | edit source]

A mug of beer item.png A mug of beer Red wine item.png Red wine Grape juice item.png Grape juice

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Armor[edit | edit source]

Iron armor item.png Iron armor Steel armor item.png Steel armor

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Damask sword with gem item.png Damask sword with gem Damask sword item.png Damask sword Metal sword with gem item.png Metal sword with gem
Metal sword item.png Metal sword Rusty sword item.png Rusty sword Steel sword with gem item.png Steel sword with gem
Steel sword item.png Steel sword Sword item.png Sword

Tools[edit | edit source]

Axe i item.png Axe I Axe ii item.png Axe II Axe iii item.png Axe III
Rusty axe item.png Rusty axe Pickaxe I item.png Pickaxe I Pickaxe II item.png Pickaxe II
Rusty pickaxe item.png Rusty pickaxe Shovel i item.png Shovel I Shovel ii item.png Shovel II
Rusty shovel item.png Rusty shovel Iron hammer item.png Iron hammer Steel hammer item.png Steel hammer
Rusty hammer item.png Rusty hammer Iron chisel item.png Iron chisel Steel chisel item.png Steel chisel

Forageables[edit | edit source]

Plants[edit | edit source]

Berry item.png Berry Edible mushroom item.png Edible mushroom Green apple item.png Green apple
Hiccup grass item.png Hiccup grass Red apple item.png Red apple Red flower item.png Red flower
Red mushroom item.png Red mushroom White flower item.png White flower Yellow flower item.png Yellow flower

Insects[edit | edit source]

Bee item.png Bee Butterfly item.png Butterfly Maggot item.png Maggot
Moth item.png Moth Beeswax item.png Beeswax Honey item.png Honey

Fishing[edit | edit source]

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Lure with a gem item.png Lure with a gem Gold lure item.png Gold lure Steel lure item.png Steel lure
Simple fishing rod item.png Simple fishing rod Good fishing rod item.png Good fishing rod Excellent fishing rod item.png Excellent fishing rod

Fish[edit | edit source]

Anchovy item.png Anchovy Bream item.png Bream Eel item.png Eel
Frog item.png Frog Gold crucian item.png Gold crucian Goldfish item.png Goldfish
Gudgeon item.png Gudgeon Perch item.png Perch Pike item.png Pike
Salmon item.png Salmon Sardine item.png Sardine Silver crucian item.png Silver crucian
Sturgeon item.png Sturgeon Tilapia item.png Tilapia Tuna item.png Tuna

Mining[edit | edit source]

Primary[edit | edit source]

A piece of marble item.png A piece of marble A piece of stone item.png A piece of stone Clay item.png Clay
Coal item.png Coal Iron ore item.png Iron ore River sand item.png River sand

Secondary[edit | edit source]

Gold nugget item.png Gold nugget Limestone item.png Limestone Pyrite item.png Pyrite
Silver nugget item.png Silver nugget Sulfur item.png Sulfur

Writing[edit | edit source]

Written Works[edit | edit source]

Book (b) item.png Book (b) Book (g) item.png Book (g) Book (r) item.png Book (r)
Book item.png Book Story item.png Story Chapter item.png Chapter
Notes item.png Notes

Resources[edit | edit source]

Clean paper item.png Clean paper Hard cover item.png Hard cover Ink item.png Ink
Paper glop item.png Paper glop Pen and ink item.png Pen and ink Pen item.png Pen
Pigskin paper item.png Pigskin paper Softcover item.png Softcover

Church[edit | edit source]

Sermons[edit | edit source]

Casual prayer item.png Casual prayer Combo prayer item.png Combo prayer I b circle item.png I_b_circle
I b cross item.png I_b_cross I b energy item.png I_b_energy I b ghost item.png I_b_ghost
I b random item.png I_b_random I b techpoint blue item.png I_b_techpoint_blue I b techpoint green item.png I_b_techpoint_green
I b techpoint red item.png I_b_techpoint_red Prayer for donations item.png Prayer for donations Prayer for excellence item.png Prayer for excellence
Prayer for faith item.png Prayer for faith Prayer for imagination item.png Prayer for imagination Prayer for prosperity item.png Prayer for prosperity
Prayer for protection item.png Prayer for protection Prayer for repentance item.png Prayer for repentance Prayer for repose item.png Prayer for repose
Prayer for retribution item.png Prayer for retribution Prayer for shoots and roots item.png Prayer for shoots and roots

Resources[edit | edit source]

Candle (1) item.png Candle (1) Candle (2) item.png Candle (2) Candle (3) item.png Candle (3)
Candle (4) item.png Candle (4) Candle (5) item.png Candle (5) Candle (6) item.png Candle (6)
Communion cookie item.png Communion cookie Faith item.png Faith Faith II item.png Faith II
Incense item.png Incense Incense II item.png Incense II

Graves[edit | edit source]

Grave Markers[edit | edit source]

Gravestone item.png Gravestone Gravestone II item.png Gravestone II Marble cross item.png Marble cross
Marble cross II item.png Marble cross II Marble gravestone II item.png Marble gravestone II Marble plinth item.png Marble plinth
Marble sarcophagus item.png Marble sarcophagus Marble sculpture item.png Marble sculpture Marble sculpture II item.png Marble sculpture II
Stone cross item.png Stone cross Stone cross II item.png Stone cross II Stone plinth item.png Stone plinth
Stone sarcophagus item.png Stone sarcophagus Stone sculpture item.png Stone sculpture Stone sculpture II item.png Stone sculpture II
Wooden cross item.png Wooden cross Wooden marker item.png Wooden marker

Grave Fences[edit | edit source]

Marble grave fence item.png Marble grave fence Marble grave fence II item.png Marble grave fence II Stone grave fence item.png Stone grave fence
Stone grave fence II item.png Stone grave fence II Wooden grave fence item.png Wooden grave fence

Bodyparts[edit | edit source]

Flesh item.png Flesh Blood item.png Blood Fat item.png Fat
Skin item.png Skin Bone item.png Bone Skull item.png Skull
Intestine item.png Intestine Heart item.png Heart Brain item.png Brain
Lungs item.png Lungs Organs item.png Organs Dark intestine item.png Dark intestine
Dark heart item.png Dark heart Dark brain item.png Dark brain Dark lungs item.png Dark lungs

Mob Drops[edit | edit source]

Green jelly item.png Green jelly Bat wing item.png Bat wing Bloody nails item.png Bloody nails

Alchemy[edit | edit source]

Basic resources[edit | edit source]

Acceleration extract item.png Acceleration extract Acceleration powder item.png Acceleration powder Acceleration solution item.png Acceleration solution
Chaos extract item.png Chaos extract Chaos powder item.png Chaos powder Chaos solution item.png Chaos solution
Death extract item.png Death extract Death powder item.png Death powder Death solution item.png Death solution
Health extract item.png Health extract Health powder item.png Health powder Health solution item.png Health solution
Life extract item.png Life extract Life powder item.png Life powder Life solution item.png Life solution
Order extract item.png Order extract Order powder item.png Order powder Order solution item.png Order solution
Slowing extract item.png Slowing extract Slowing powder item.png Slowing powder Slowing solution item.png Slowing solution
Toxic extract item.png Toxic extract Toxic powder item.png Toxic powder Toxic solution item.png Toxic solution

Alternative resources[edit | edit source]

Ash item.png Ash Goo item.png Goo Diamond powder item.png Diamond powder
Gold powder item.png Gold powder Graphite powder item.png Graphite powder Salt item.png Salt
Silver powder item.png Silver powder Spices item.png Spices White powder item.png White powder
Yellow electro powder item.png Yellow electro powder Seed oil (drop) item.png Seed oil (drop) Alcohol item.png Alcohol
Blood item.png Blood Water item.png Water

Products[edit | edit source]

Acid item.png Acid Alkali item.png Alkali Appetite potion item.png Appetite potion
Armor potion item.png Armor potion Aromatizer item.png Aromatizer Berserk potion item.png Berserk potion
Black paint item.png Black paint Damage potion item.png Damage potion Dark elixir item.png Dark elixir
Energy elixir item.png Energy elixir Energy potion item.png Energy potion Flavor enhancer item.png Flavor enhancer
Freshener item.png Freshener Glue item.png Glue Golden elixir item.png Golden elixir
Green plus item.png Green plus Growth enhancer item.png Growth enhancer Heal potion item.png Heal potion
Long heal potion item.png Long heal potion Nitroglycerin item.png Nitroglycerin Preservative item.png Preservative
Silver elixir item.png Silver elixir Speed potion item.png Speed potion Stomach relief item.png Stomach relief
Tanning agent item.png Tanning agent White paint item.png White paint Yellow jar item.png Yellow jar
Blue jar item.png Blue jar

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

Alcohol item.png Alcohol Water item.png Water Seed oil (drop) item.png Seed oil (drop)
Bucket of clear water item.png Bucket of clear water Bucket of milk item.png Bucket of milk Seed oil item.png Seed oil
Pail of grape juice item.png Pail of grape juice Pail of berry juice item.png Pail of berry juice Pail of apple juice item.png Pail of apple juice
Wort item.png Wort Ash item.png Ash Ceramic bowls item.png Ceramic bowls
Exhumation permission item.png Exhumation permission Faceted diamond item.png Faceted diamond Faceted emerald item.png Faceted emerald
Flax item.png Flax Hemp rope item.png Hemp rope Necklace item.png Necklace
Palette item.png Palette Perfume item.png Perfume Pig skin item.png Pig skin
Pink soap item.png Pink soap Polishing paste item.png Polishing paste Roof tile item.png Roof tile
Ruined book item.png Ruined book Science item.png Science Shit item.png Shit
Silk item.png Silk Slime item.png Slime Thread item.png Thread
Truffle item.png Truffle Whetstone item.png Whetstone
Promotional Content