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Corpse item.png
General Information
Type :
Donkey or Graves

A graveyard keeper works with Corpse item.pngcorpses. They are obtained, can be altered and must be disposed of properly.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Donkey[edit | edit source]

The donkey deliveres a corpse

The more common way of getting a Corpse item.pngcorpse is, to have it delivered by comrade - he's a communist - Donkey.png donkey. For more information, read about the morgue or the donkey.

Exhumation[edit | edit source]

The graveyard keeper digs up a corpse

The second way of getting a Corpse item.pngcorpse is exhumation or - more colloquially - digging it up. For this, an
exhumation permission
is needed.

Sometimes it makes sense to exhume a corpse, if you want to improve its stats, or get rid of it to raise your Graveyard Rating. If you rebury or cremate it, you'll obtain a
burial certificate
, which nearly makes up for the costs of the
exhumation permission

Treating[edit | edit source]

The morgue offers a lot of means to alter a corpse

The morgue offers a lot of workstations to alter a corpse's rating. There, you can remove and install body parts and apply injections. You are also able to revive bodies to obtain helpers for your hard physical work.

For more details, please refer to the morgue page.

Rating[edit | edit source]

Each corpse has a rating determined by the number of Red Skull and White Skull. The number of each represents the sins and good deeds respectively which were performed by the corpse while they were living. The numbers are based on the body parts that are currently in the corpse. The starting total for a corpse are between 4 and 6 White Skull and 2 and 4 Red Skull. By choosing which body parts to include, remove, or replace it is possible to achieve full 12 corpse rating on a body or exceed it.

For every Red Skull a corpse has, it subtracts 1 Graveyard Rating from your graveyard when buried.

The White Skull count determines the maximum corpse rating. The Graveyard Rating of a grave cannot exceed the number of White Skull of a buried corpse.

Additionally there are Green Skull, which represent the body's decay, and accumulate until it is buried. Each full Green Skull (equivalent to 10% decay) will remove a White Skull.

Corpse decay[edit | edit source]

Corpses begin with 100% freshness, and begin decaying immediately after delivery. For every 10% freshness lost, a Green Skull will appear on the corpse which counts against the corpse's rating.

Corpses decay very fast if left outside uncovered. You can slow corpse decay by bringing it into the morgue. Further methods of combating decay:

If a corpse is taken to the preparation place immediately as donkey arrives at dusk and the player fully rests and returns, the corpse will fall to about 95% freshness, which is sufficient time left for a full autopsy and burial.

A corpse below 90% freshness (1 full Green Skull or more) cannot be resurrected.

Disposing[edit | edit source]

There are four possibilities to dispose of a corpse:

Burial[edit | edit source]

Burying a corpse in the graveyard

Corpses can be buried in the graveyard, affecting your Graveyard Rating. The higher the number of White Skull, the better, with 12 being optimal.

You'll get a
burial certificate
for each corpse you bury, which can be sold to Horadric.

Cremation[edit | edit source]

Burning a corpse on a funeral pyre

As soon as you've unlocked cremation, it's better to cremate (burn) a Corpse item.pngcorpse with bad stats on a funeral pyre, instead of burying it, which would lower your Graveyard Rating. It takes 8x
wood billet
s to build the pyre. Put the Corpse item.pngcorpse atop and ignite it.

You'll get a
burial certificate
for each corpse you burn, which can be sold to Horadric.

Dumping[edit | edit source]

How far can you toss a corpse?

In real life, it would surely be illegal to toss a Corpse item.pngcorpse into the river. There are no known negative consequences if you do so in game.

After you first do so, Gerry appears, scolds you, and tells you the secrets of cremation.

As you won't get a
burial certificate
for corpses you dump, this way of disposal is a financial loss for you.

Reviving[edit | edit source]

A willing worker

The last possibility to get rid of a Corpse item.pngcorpse is to put it onto a resurrection table and to create a Zombie item.pngzombie from it. You first have to unlock Second chance by talking to Gunter.

As you won't get a
burial certificate
for corpse you resurrect, this way of disposal means a short term financial loss for you, but you gain a source of free labor. It's not clear if reviving corpses is a legal act by the measure of the inquisitor. But who cares?